Why run Green Party?

As a judicial candidate, running in the Green Party is a big plus. Neither my campaign, nor my party, has accepted any PAC money, even from organizations which endorsed me.

How would you like to be suing your insurance company because they didn't cover something your doctor said you needed. Your case is appealed to the Superior Court. And sitting in front of you is a panel of 3 judges, Democrats and Republicans, whose parties accept massive donations from the insurance industry?  It wouldn't feel right, even if they were totally honest, if they ruled against you. You would always question whether you actually got justice. This scenario can be repeated with other special interests that make large donations to both major parties.

Instead, use one of your 4 votes for Superior Court on Tuesday to vote for me, the ONLY candidate who is neither a Democrat nor a Republican and whose party and campaign refuses to accept PAC money. In addition, I am the only candidate willing to warn attorneys that if they donate to my campaign, I win, and they have a case before my court, I will recuse myself. The other candidates are not willing to make that pledge.

Integrity and the appearance of integrity in our courts is too important to vote major party only. Use 1 vote for the only one whose party takes no special interest money.