On 9/18: WATCH Superior Court Candidate Tells Voters Court Proceedings Should Be Televised

Tune in to the PCN channel on September 18th at 8pm to see Jules Mermelstein's first cable interview!

This September 18th at 8pm, the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) will be airing an exclusive interview with Jules Mermelstein, Green Party candidate for Judge of the Superior Court.
In this interview, Mr. Mermelstein discuses the issue he is most concerned about - when voters cast their votes for judicial candidates based on party lines rather than based on the candidate's record of integrity. In addition, he makes a bold call for court proceedings to be televised, excluding those involving minors.
To watch the interview, use this link to find your PCN cable channel by selecting your cable network provider then your location:
Since announcing his run in late January, Mr. Mermelstein and his supporters have been urging Pennsylvania voters to vote based on the integrity of the candidate over party lines. It is of the utmost importance that our judicial system is not dictated by party politics, and with four open seats available in this race, the minor party's call to restore faith in our system is being heard. 
The election takes place on November 7th, 2017. This interview will be accessible online starting October 2nd, but be sure to tune in this September 18th at 8pm on PCN to watch the commonwealth-wide broadcast. 

Contact: media@mermelstein4judge.org