The Jules for Judge Campaign Secures Ballot Access: Here's Why to Vote for Jules

August 14th, 2017


The campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein to the Superior Court is thrilled to announce that thanks to the efforts of volunteers across 44 counties, we have made the ballot for the November 7th, 2017 Pennsylvania election!

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Jules for Judge Campaign Reaches Ballot Access Milestone

The campaign has collected over 2,500 petition signatures, the minimum requirement to reach ballot access. Volunteers will continue spreading awareness for the Jules for Judge campaign and collecting even more signatures to ensure that Pennsylvanian voters will have the opportunity to vote for him.

Read more on how this campaign reached it's first major milestone, including details from the Our Revolution SE endorsement.

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Montgomery News covers the campaign

May, 2017, Montgomery News article:


Jules for Judge Follows Primary Day with Back-to-Back Campaign Events

Jules for Judge

The campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein to Superior Court kicks off summer early on the campaign trail.

Read more to learn about highlights from the events and our status on ballot access.

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Jules for Judge Attends Cannabis Day and All Music Festival on Earth Day Weekend

This past weekend, the Jules for Judge campaign hit the road to visit events celebrating sustainability and freedom for Earth Day.

From Thursday through Saturday night, the Ambler Food Co-Op in Ambler, PA helped host an All Music Festival and Sustainability Conference. During the days from 12pm to 5pm, people attended workshops for music industry education and environmental panels on reducing carbon footprints. At night from 7pm to close, dozens of bands played at popular venues including Gypsy Blu and Giuseppe's.

Jules received endorsements from musicians throughout the night who were thrilled to mention his campaign as they took to the stage. 

On Sunday, Jules and volunteers traveled to Scranton, PA to celebrate the third annual Cannabis Festival held in Nay Aug National Park. Jules was met by enthusiastic community members who believe there should be an end to sentencing for "victimless crime." The goal of the festival, as described by The Times Leader, is to bring the counterculture of cannabis into mainstream acceptance.

Between the All Music Festival and Cannabis Day, Jules's team managed to attract over 300 voters from 27 different counties to sign the petition for Jules to be on the ballot as a Superior Court Judge candidate.

The March for Science was another event held this past weekend, and volunteers with the Jules for Judge campaign were present in Doylestown, PA to collect signatures from those also concerned with our court's treatment of Article 1, Section 27 of Pennsylvania's Constitution, which protects our land and water for generations yet to come.

Next Saturday starting at 10am, join us next in Pheonixville, PA where the Green Party of Pennsylvania is organizing to canvass and collect signatures for Jules and other local candidates. In the afternoon, all Green Party members and observers are welcome to attend the quarterly state business meeting held in the Pheonixville Library at 12:30pm. 


Jules will be available Saturday afternoon for any members of the public who would like to meet Jules and ask questions about the campaign!

Jules Mermelstein Interviewed by Progressive Journalist, Caitlin Johnstone

Jules Mermelstein Interview Caitlin Johnstone

On March 7th, Jules Mermelstein was interviewed by Caitlin Johnstone, previously a writer with The Inquisitr and now owner of where her following has crowdfunded her to write independent media. 

On the call, Caitlin asks about the "DemExit" movement and Jules' reasons for going Green after five terms as a Democrat. Coming from the unique swing state of Pennsylvania, Jules recaps the fascinating turn of events during the general election, and what he hopes to do with his position on the Superior Court if elected on November 7th. 

Be sure to listen to the full audio recording and share!

Join us on March 16th in Scranton With Senator Casey's Office on Protecting the EPA

 Jules Mermelstein for Judge

UPDATE: The EPA Forum has been moved to Monday, March 27th at 6:30pm due to inclement weather. It will be held at the same location, Temple Hesed in Scranton. Follow Protect the EPA on Facebook for further updates.
Jules Mermelstein will be on a panel with a representative from Senator Casey's office and others at the Environmental Protection Advocacy Forum.
The Trump administration has taken steps to eliminate the EPA, which works to protect Pennsylvania land and water. In addition to supporting the EPA, Jules also believes that for too long our state has ignored Article I Section 27 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution which reads:


"The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the people."


Jules Mermelstein needs volunteers at the event to help gain signatures for nominating papers and to hand out campaign flyers.


Please help us ensure that Pennsylvania's esthetic values are protected for generations yet to come!

National Organization, Food & Water Watch, Inviting Local Greens to Coalition


On March 1st, the Bucks County Green Chapter was visited by representative, Ethan Wampler, on behalf of Food & Water Watch.


The organization is working to get as many groups as possible to sign onto a coalition letter that will be used to urge Senators and Congress members to do everything possible to protect the EPA and environment going forward. They have notably gathered energy across Maryland to end fracking in the state. 


Bucks County immediately joined, and the letter is circulating to reach other Green Party Chapters across Pennsylvania. Jules Mermelstein also signed the letter in an individual capacity as a former local elected official. 

Bucks County Greens Seek Support for March 15th Stand Against PennEast Pipeline


As many southeastern Pennsylvanians are aware by now, PennEast construction has swiftly begun building a 118 mile pipeline, spanning from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to Mercer County, New Jersey.


The plan uses the power of eminentdomain to take private land from citizens for the use of the fossil fuel industry. According to Bucks County Congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick, the corporation has not shown unquestionable proof that the project is in the public's interest, and private land should not be taken.


On March 15th, join Bucks County and the Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline at the Delaware River Basin Commission Meeting to stop the pipeline's construction, and ban fracking for the region.

Fair Districts PA Draws Over 600 in Montgomery County to Defeat Gerrymandering

Congressional District 7


Gerrymandering is the process of drawing district lines to distort how the votes are cast.


At a recent event, up to 750 Montgomery County citizens signed in to listen to Fair Districts PA discuss the challenges and solutions to this issue. 


As many Pennsylvanians have found, this is an undemocratic process, and grassroots support to end gerrymandering has reached a new high. Fair Districts PA has lead the effort, asking for support of Senate Bill 22, which creates an 11 member volunteer commission to draw unbiased maps. Montgomery County is part of PA's notorious 7th Congressional District, nicknamed "Donald Duck kicking Goofy" for how cartoonish our current map appears. 


Voters in Montgomery County are receptive to ending gerrymandering, and will be keeping a close eye on Fair District's PA's cause.