Jules Mermelstein Endorsed by PSEA - Pennsylvania's Largest Union

Jules Mermelstein is the first third party candidate to be endorsed state-wide by the largest union in Pennsylvania! Read about this historic moment in PA's political history.

September 21st, 2017
The campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein is proud to announce that the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) has endorsed Mr. Mermelstein for Superior Court in the upcoming 2017 General Election! This is an historic event, as the PSEA has never before endorsed a third party candidate for a state-wide race.
The goal of the PSEA is to help elect a majority of pro-public education candidates across school districts, counties and judicial systems. As a former college and high school teacher, Mr. Mermelstein is honored to receive the endorsement from this community of educators, and the largest union with 181,000 members in Pennsylvania:
I am honored and humbled that PSEA, an organization of people serving the public through the education and health fields, has chosen to endorse me as their first third party candidate for a state-wide race. As someone dedicated to public service, this endorsement means a great deal to me.
The full list of the PSEA's endorsements include both major parties and Mr. Mermelstein representing the Green Party. Joe Schueuermann, Chair of the PSEA-PACE Board, noted the diversity of political parties:
“For us, a candidate’s political party doesn’t matter. What matters is what they stand for – and we know that these candidates will serve Pennsylvanians well.”
The PSEA is the third organization to endorse Jules Mermelstein for the Superior Court, preceded by two local chapters of Our Revolution, and the Green Party of Pennsylvania.