Integrity - the Main Issue

In recent years, the Democrats and Republicans elected to positions in the PA justice system have made a mockery of it.  We have had 3 PA Supreme Court justices resign in disgrace (1 Democrat, 2 Republicans).




Two PA Attorneys General (1 Democrat, 1 Republican) have been convicted and sent to jail:



Two PA judges (both Democrats) convicted of selling juveniles to a private juvenile prison for profit "Kids for Cash":


Most recently, Philadelphia District Attorney (a Democrat) was led away in handcuffs after admitting to the facts behind 29 counts of federal corruption:


In contrast, Jules has been a PA lawyer since 1980 with no disciplinary complaints.

Jules and his wife have taught teens in Sunday School for two decades, using ethics and values as applied to situations.

Jules has taught high school in Philadelphia and Montgomery County.

Jules was elected and re-elected to 5 terms as an Upper Dublin Township Commissioner with  no scandals. In fact, at the end of his service, the Township awarded the Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Citizen to him.