Fair Districts PA Draws Over 600 in Montgomery County to Defeat Gerrymandering

Congressional District 7


Gerrymandering is the process of drawing district lines to distort how the votes are cast.


At a recent event, up to 750 Montgomery County citizens signed in to listen to Fair Districts PA discuss the challenges and solutions to this issue. 


As many Pennsylvanians have found, this is an undemocratic process, and grassroots support to end gerrymandering has reached a new high. Fair Districts PA has lead the effort, asking for support of Senate Bill 22, which creates an 11 member volunteer commission to draw unbiased maps. Montgomery County is part of PA's notorious 7th Congressional District, nicknamed "Donald Duck kicking Goofy" for how cartoonish our current map appears. 


Voters in Montgomery County are receptive to ending gerrymandering, and will be keeping a close eye on Fair District's PA's cause.