The Jules for Judge Campaign Secures Ballot Access: Here's Why to Vote for Jules

August 14th, 2017


The campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein to the Superior Court is thrilled to announce that thanks to the efforts of volunteers across 44 counties, we have made the ballot for the November 7th, 2017 Pennsylvania election!

Over 4,300 Pennsylvanians submitted their signatures for the campaign to elect Jules for Judge. On Friday July 28th, nearly double the signatures needed to place Jules Mermelstein on the ballot were submitted and un-challenged over the following days.

Also on the ballot are four Democrats and four Republicans, with Mermelstein representing non-major party voters. Mermelstein, who has worked as an attorney, and both as a high school and college government teacher, spent over two decades teaching Sunday school to teens, and was elected five terms as a township official, has never had a single ethics complaint made against him. In fact, in two of Mermelstein's bids for Upper Dublin Township Commissioner, he was endorsed by both major parties. Now as a candidate who is not a member of either major party, he believes he will bring much-needed nonpartisan integrity to a judicial system that has been plagued by corruption.

Recently, Mermelstein was proud to appear at a candidate press conference for the Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States, where he described his thoughts on injustices throughout Pennsylvania that have left voters seeking third party options. The issues he focused on include corruption in Pennsylvania courts and the constitutional right to have clean air and water.

"As a former criminal defense attorney, I am fully aware of the racism inherent in that system. I actually argued a case once to a judge that the commonwealth hadn't proven my client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and his response from the bench in open court was, 'The fact that your client's black makes it worse.' I took that appeal actually to the court I'm running for and got an order for a new trial before a different judge."

"Pennsylvanians are lucky in that we have a constitutional right to a clean environment. Article 1, Section 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution states that we're entitled to clean air and pure water... our state Supreme Court has repeatedly slapped administrations both Republican and Democrat down who have tried to cozy up to the fracking industry. This has not stopped that activity.  We ned judges throughout the system to recognize people's right to a clean environment."

The Jules for Judge campaign has volunteers -- Green and all others welcome -- canvassing in towns across the state, and Mermelstein himself has been traveling tirelessly since his candidacy was announced. Be sure to check the campaign calendar to see when Mermelstein will be in your region next and don't forget to mark your calendars to vote November 7th and elect Jules Mermelstein as Superior Court Judge!